Developing countries exploring pathways to climate compatibility

What's New

Country Projects

MAPS Chile

In October 2014 the team launched the final results from their Phase II project. MAPS Chile is currently working on Phase III, which builds on the work of Phase II and includes a qualitative analysis of the co-impacts of mitigation measures for the time period 2030-2050.

PlanCC Peru

In 2014 PlanCC presented the results from Phase I. Work is now underway on Phase II including the design and receiving input from stakeholders.

Colombia CLCDS

CLCDS has finalised all eight of their SMAPS and is focusing on formulating implementation plans for each SMAP. The team is also continuing their preparatory work to define the INDC that Colombia will present to the UNFCCC in 2015.


The IES-Brasil team is currently working on a number of publications including the project’s executive summary. These outputs will be used to raise awareness of the social and economic implications of mitigation alternatives in Brazil.