Developing countries exploring pathways to climate compatibility

What's New

News: July 22, 2014

MAPS presented preliminary results of work done on linking economic and sectoral models in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and South Africa

News: June 5, 2014

See the latest update from MAPS featuring news from the country teams, reflections from recent workshops and a list of our latest outputs.

Country Projects

MAPS Chile

The project team is reviewing and preparing Phase 2 results which will be presented in the 8th SBT meeting (to occur in late May).

PlanCC Peru

Plan CC Peru recently presented the 73 prioritized mitigation options, the country’s Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACC) and the two mitigation scenarios that PlanCC is being developed for Peru at 2050.

Colombia CLCDS

Colombia has been working on consolidating its roadmap for the national contribution process that will be the main objective of the Colombian MAPS collaboration up to the end of 2015.


Current work by COPPE researchers, on the preparation of the Reference Scenario, and on the planning of the second SBT, due to be held on the 4th of June – just before the World Cup kicks off!